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"Multiple Ship To" Feature and Shipping Costs

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  • "Multiple Ship To" Feature and Shipping Costs

    For those of you who have enabled the "Multiple Ship To" feature - how are the shipping fees handled by the cart?

    For instance, let's say you have a customer who orders 3 items with all three items being shipped to separate locations. How does the cart handle this? Are shipping fees calculated and applied to the order as if the items are being shipped to the same place? And if the cart does not calcaulate separate shipping costs for each location - how do you ensure that any profit that you would make on such an order is not eaten up by having to ship items to multiple locations?

    This is a feature that I would love to implement for the holiday shopping season, but I can't see how this would work and we not lose money on shipping?

    Any insight, would be much appreciated!

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    The shipping is handled the same way as if they made 3 purchases. (The software divides an order into different shipments. For each shipment it gets the shipping costs passing the items that are on that shipment).
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      In our case, we have weight based USPS shipping enabled.

      With the "multiple ship to" feature, each "ship to" is treated separately! :) It's as if the customer entered 3 separate orders! It's a very cool feature!



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        Hey Bub! Butt out! I don't know who you think you are --- ooops. Ummm errr, I mean uhhh...

        Hello Gonzalo! It's ummmmmm GREAT to see you here tonight!

        That was pretty weird that we were both answering that question at the same time! That should scare the heck out of one of us! ...and it sure ain't me! No - wait. That came out wrong.



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          Gonzalo & Frik (or is it Frak?) :)

          Thank you for your quick responses. It all makes sense in the way that the cart handles this. I asked someone from tech support probably a year or so ago about this and apparently misunderstood their response regarding this feature.

          This is great news and yet another great 3dcart feature!
          Thanks again.