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  • Ability to Mass Add Products to Main Category from


    Basically 80% of my products are broken down into sub-categories, however that means when I click the "main category" from the navigation menu, there's barely any items showing until the customer clicks into a smaller sub-category.

    I know I can individually edit each product and add them to the main category as well as the sub-category, just wondering if there's a faster way to mass do this?

    I thought of doing it via excel, but wouldnt that just move all my products from their sub-categories to the main category?

    Anyone done this before?


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    Hmmm....good timing. Just the other day I was wanting to create a "All Products" category for someone who just wants to browse "everything" on my smaller site.



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      We have a whole lot of educational articles on our site which are entered as products since the products have so much more functionality that just extra pages. So to get a listing of all products for someone that wanted to see this, we just added a keyword under each product that is the same but would not be found in any product description or other text (e.g. prod_search). Then we just created a canned search with this key word and then linked to it from a static link in the footer.

      The good thing about this was we did the same for the articles so we can provide a link to all articles for those that don't want to view them from a category perspective.


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        Hey guys, here's a reply from support that addresses this:


        You can add products to sub categories and multiple categories via spreadsheet very easily.. For example:

        To add your product to the sub category Cakes, under the main category Wedding, you would put this in your spreadsheet:

        [email protected]

        A good thing do to is add an item in multiple categories and subcategories, export your csv file, and use it as a reference.

        Thank you for using 3dCart,

        Robb Muise
        800-828-6650 x118