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    I presently use Paypal Pro for payment processing on my site but would like an alternative. One main reason for this is their seller protection policy and lack thereof.

    Any recommendations on another service that interfaces very well with 3DCart?

    Also, are there any TRUE systems out there that protect us from chargebacks? I mean if you have address verification positive and you ship to this address, shouldn't you be protected?

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    chargebacks are a fact of ecommerce.
    We use VirtualMerchant and feel their rates are reasonable.
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      We use Payflo Pro also, and after much searching, determined it was the best for us.

      As for chargebacks, I think the processors are always going to be on the side of the buyer with regard to internet sales, unfortunately. :(


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        We use Bankcard Services Worldwide and have been very happy.
        They also integrate very easily with 3dcart. Customer service has always been very good (including their gateway provider). To date, never had a chargeback - so not sure how their policies rank with others.

        Their website is:


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          You'll see the same level of fraud protection with any merchant account (which is, basically, no protection... just data that lets you determine whether to accept the sale or not)... however, you might look at Google Checkout - their policy pretty much states, if they mark the order as covered under their guarantee, as long as you ship to the address on the order and can provide delivery with a tracking number, they'll generally pay. You can read more about their protection policy here:

          They are also probably going to be cheaper than any merchant account (they charge 2% flat, no matter which type of card is used), but the customer is required to create a Google Checkout account in order to purchase (so it does not act like a regular merchant account)... but definitely something to consider if you're looking for fraud protection.


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            We don't use them but you might want to look at this company.

            Click here
            Steve Teske
            Director of eCommerce
            Hogan Walker LLC