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  • Accepting PayPal

    We currently use the PayFlow Pro gateway for credit card processing, and accept MC, Visa, and Discover. We are thinking about adding PayPal, but have a few questions for those of you who take PayPal.

    1) Since PayFlow Pro is owned by PayPal, do I need a separate account or can I just set it up on the 3d admin panel?

    2) We have basic fraud protection--is the enhanced really worth it?

    3) How does this buyer authentication thing work--do all customers need to have some sort of password from their credit card company in order to make a purchase? Can see where that would be a problem--I personally don't have any such passwords with any of my cards.

    4) Years ago, we quit accepting PayPal as they offered little protection for the merchant or the consumer.

    Would love to hear any pros and cons--the only real reason we're thinking of doing it is for those foreign customers (we do have a lot from the UK and Ireland) and they are asking for it.

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    For #3, the cardholder signs up with their card issuer and sets a password to be used when checking out... (this password can be set the first time you checkout on a site which supports Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode as well, so it does not require the password be setup ahead of time). However, as far as I know, 3dCart does not yet support buyer authentication on any gateways (although we'd love it if they did!)...


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      I have used paypal for many years, both personally and for my business. IMO, they offer a lot more protection for buyers than they do for merchants.

      I have never heard of #3 in the way that you are Jared are describing it.


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        Do you use the PayFlow Pro also? If so, is there anything that I need to do to enable it other than configuring it under settings>>payments>>online settings? Thanks so much for all of the replies! :)