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Failed credit card attempt

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  • Failed credit card attempt

    When a credit card is declined by fraud services, because the billing address isn't a match, the transaction still appears on the customer's card activity. We get calls all the time from customers complaining that they thought the order went through because they were charged--even though they got the error message from our site.

    The problem is that the funds are not available to the customer for a few days--most banks drop them off in 24-48 hours, but it is still a big hassle for the customer. Does anyone know how to either keep the transaction from setting aside the funds, or how to easily tell the bank to drop them? We use Payflow Pro.

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    Held Funds

    Cybersouce, our gateway, advised us the only way to get a customer's charge release would be to call their bank and confirm that the transaction was declined. They also said this does not work often. They said banks make money on the held charges since they are calculated into the customers averages for monthly finance charge.