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  • Am I doing this right?

    hey folks,
    I've been working my butt off and am finally ready to start advertising it.
    But first I need to get it so people can pay!
    so I had an account with Google checkout and pay-pal check out right now my shopping cart page looks like this
    I need to adjust some things in HTML so that the paypal and google link look right.
    anyway, I *think* I just want to use pay-pal and Google, but maybe I'm wrong? should i use another card processor? I'm probably not going to take checks or money orders
    I was thinking about removing the [proceed the check out button] so that the customer will either hit the Google check out button or the pay-pal button. Then enter their credit card info, and then return to the second and third check out steps.
    Am I thinking about this the right way?
    or is there more to it?
    Thank you very much for your help!

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    You could use Paypal Pro so you can accept credit cards, since you are already using Paypal.

    I would say it's a good idea to accept credit cards because not all your customers are familiar with either Paypal or Google Checkout.


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      I would highly recommend a CC gateway. Only about one in ten use Paypal and I'm sure many would would not purchase if redirected there.

      We spent about four months with just paypal a few years ago. Our sales instantly went up when we got a processor for on site check out.

      We use PP pro on both sites and are satisfied.


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        Thanks for the input,
        I was able to finally set up pay-pal pro, and I'm testing and tweaking it right now.
        I have a huge problem with credit card gateways, I have horrible credit, as a result of my identity being stolen when I was younger (I "co-signed" for a mortgage when i was 7) and my credit still sucks, but I got pay-pal set up, I'm delighted!
        anyway, thanks for the heads up, I looked at your shopping carts and they are both super professional.