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  • 3D Cart's Merchant Services - Feedback

    Anybody using the 3dcart merchant services?

    I currently use Paypal Websites Payment pro and it appears the 3dcart option would be less expensive each month per transaction and other monthly fees. Any feedback on what features may or may not be available compared to paypal or the merchant you are using?


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    It's a really good processor to use. I like it a lot better than paypal, and you get a lot more options and control over your processing than what paypal offers you. The service is pretty good if you need help or have questions. I have no complaints at all.


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      Hi Glenn. Just an update. I switched to 3dmerchant and the transition was seamless from the setting up, configuring and going live. I am still keeping paypal pro for another month just in case I need to fall back on processing credit cards. One hiccup I did find was that AMEX cards are not accepted by default and you have to jump through some hoops to get it activated.

      Also have a much better rate than PaypalPro so the extra % helps.

      Glenn,,,do you have AMEx activated? if so what are you seeing for rates since they are different than normal merchant account?


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        Just an update to anyone using 3dcart's merchant services. I had a batch put on "hold" due to suspicous card activity. That was fine with me but they put the ENTIRE batch on hold...not just the suspiscous card. And it wasn't 3dCart or USAEPay that runs the batching. It is actually a 3rd (4th?) party called

        I got a call from asking questions about a card and didn't even know who they were. I called USAEpay (where I run my merchant account from) and they said they don't control the batches and pointed me to the company.

        Not a great feeling but the issue was resolved w/o having any fraud. Still don't like that the ENTIRE batch was held for almost a week and that the terms aren't made clear with who actually "owns" the batching process (not 3dcart, not USAEpay)

        UPDATE: They hold up ALL batches until the investigation is done. so almost a full weeks of batches were held up even though they were "legit". NICE
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          Hi, Doberer - Any feedback on your satisfaction with this service since this occurred? Are you still with 3dcart Merchant/USAepay, or did you switch to someone else as a result of this problem?



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            still with them. after the inital hiccup there haven't been any issues. LOVE the product and very good integration over Paypal merchant services.