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    I am thinking about integrating Google Checkout into my site. I use PayPal as my gateway and of course PayPal Express Checkout.

    I am just wondering if anyone has had issues using Google or know of things I should be aware of.

    Does Google Checkout work with my site as PayPal does?
    I like the fact that with PayPal they are involved in collecting the funds and I do all the other stuff as far as shipping, contacting the buyer...etc.


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    Better late than never!?

    I realize this is a few months after your question, but here's my response anyways!: :)

    We are migrating our current cart here to 3DC. On our previous (still current) cart, we used Google Checkout for about three months and it accounted for ~10% of all orders. It worked fine and was easy to implement and administer. The "issue" we had with GC was that we require a small minimum purchase ($4.00) because we have some items that are only pennies if purchased individually. GC would not allow minimum purchases. That may have changed because it's been over a year since we we last used it, but that was a serious limitation from our standpoint.



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      Thanks for the reply. You think you were slow in replying I didn't activate Google Checkout until 5 days ago. I didn't know that about small ticket items. Good to know. I did find a problem with shipping. For me anyway. For example: I have Free shipping set for orders over $100. I also have individual items less than $100 that are selected for free shipping on their product page. When one of these items are added to the cart I will get an error message at Google checkout due to 2 Free Shipping methods.

      So, I would have to eliminate Free Shipping for items over $100 or deselect Free Shipping on the each individual Product page. I decided to deactivate Google checkout and put some thought into it.



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        Guess I am late in responding as well. We tried GC when it was first unveiled years ago. The problem we had, and it may have changed was that they had no way to be contacted. For instance if a charge back was started you had no recourse. They just reversed the funds and you were stuck. They had no interest in communicating with the businesses. We dumped them because of this. We had three charge backs for no apparent reason and lost that money and product.

        Maybe this has changed but I notice in my searches almost no adwords ads with the GC image. Too many people got cheated by GC I think.

        We won't try them again unless someone can show us they have corrected this.

        We did not notice any change in the amount of business we do either way. So it wasn't a big issue for us to cut them off.



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          I have used GCO since it started. I love it.

          In all the years I have used GCO I had 2 charge backs. I provided delivery confirmation (USPS) and won both cases where both buyers said they did not receive their items.

          While GCO investigated, the money stayed in my checking account.

          With Pay Pal they snatched the money back from my checking account and emailed me after the fact. They keep the money 30 days. I then closed out my Pay Pal account.

          Several times a week I had scam and phishing emails from Pay Pal and I hated those.

          You will love GCO.

          Bonnie at


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            One more thing

            Pay Pal does not fully check the card holder by verifying all the information like GCO does. So fraud is more rampart with Pay Pal.

            One time with Pay Pal, the customer claimed they did not receive the item. Delivery confirmation showed it delivered.

            Pay Pal would NOT give me my money back. Customer got the items AND their money back!

            But 2 identical cases with GCO where the customers claimed they did not receive the item, and delivery confirmation showed it as delivered, GCO found in my favor.



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              We use PayPal Website Payments Pro. We recently lost a chargeback for over $600. This is the first time we have ever lost. PayPal successfully stopped several prior chargeback attempts.

              There are some other issues to consider. Both Website Payments Pro and Google Checkout will refund fees if you issue a refund to your customer. Most merchant accounts will charge fees for both the purchase and the refund. However, while Google Checkout is only available for shipping to customers in just a few countries, Website Payments Pro allows global shipping. The maximum single transaction in Website Payments Pro is $10,000. Google Checkout has a $20,000 max. Google Checkout offers stronger fraud protection because it guarantees the payment. Website Payment Pro does not guarantee payments unless they are made by customers checking out by PayPal using an "eligible" account.

              Here is the killer: Website Payments Pro has better protection tools at its disposal but does not offer them. A few years ago, they purchased Paily, a service that guaranteed protection for purchases up to $30,000, made from anywhere the world. If they approved the transaction, they guaranteed the payment and protected against charge backs, as long as the merchant delivered the product. PayPal took this protection off the market never integrating it into Website Payments Pro. Website Payments Pro could guarantee and prevent most fraud.

              In the last year or two we have stopped a number of fraudulent purchases that made it through Website Payments Pro. We were able to do this because of our experience.

              3dCart has said they will support the buyer authentication programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. It has been at least 3 years since we were told this would happen. With these programs and the right merchant account, both Visa and MasterCard guarantee the payments for registered cards. Fraud protection has become even more urgent as increasingly, merchants sell globally. We have customers on every continent. In addition, with the economy depressed, and many people out of work, fraud attempts have increased.