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    I just started using Google Checkout a couple of days ago. I received my first order through GC. Everything seems to have worked fine for the exception of one little clitch.

    I went to my GC account to capture the payment. I also decided to mark the purchase as shipped. I had already marked it as shipped in 3Dcart. Once I marked it as shipped in GC I received the standard 3Dcart Item Sold notification email but with the UPS tracking number. I am guessing GC is the reason for this happening. I assumed (yes I know) that Google would have sent their own shipping notification email and not involve 3dcart.

    Is there something in a setup that needs changing or should I just not mark purchases as shipped in Google?

    I think this would be confusing for the buyer to receive a 3Dcart purchase notification email followed by a 3Dcart "your item has shipped" email followed by another 3Dcart purchase notification email (with tracking number).


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    I have used GCO since it started. I don't mark them shipped in 3dcart. I do mark them shipped in GCO and then I archive them. If you don't mark them shipped, you do not get your money.

    I am not crazy about the fact that GCO sends the buyer a shipped notice. The reason is because I ship live (aquatic plants) and I send a detailed shipped notice myself telling the customer when to expect arrival and how to handle the arriving plants. It would be a repeat and may irritate customers to get one from 3dcart too.

    I do wish GCO would allow us to customize our own shipping notice so the buyers do not get 2 notices.

    I love GCO!

    Bonnie at


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      Bonnie, I am wondering about your customers not seeing the correct order status when they log into their account on 3cCart? Wouldn't it make more sense to change the wording of the 3dCart order shipped email to include all the directions for your customers? Plus then it would automate that process more for you. Just curious why a separate email is better for you.
      Laura Z
      Brass & Silver Traditions