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  • Authorize CC for Backordered products

    We are a new 3d Cart customer and are importing our first product to the US in the next two months. We would like to get our customers signing up for the amount of product they will want to buy, be able to authorize their credit card information and be able to ship the product out to them as soon as it arrives from Italy, which will be towards the end of November (1.5 months away).

    Can we use the back-order function for inventory in 3d card to do this and just set our payment processing to authorize only, then charge when we ship the item (and would that charge be automatic when we change the status to shipped)? Is there a time limit from the time you authorize, then charge an item? I tried googling it and searching on the forums but couldn't find a definitive answer. We will only have this one product for now, so setting storewide options is not a problem.


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    Authorizations are only good for 30 days. Depending on your credit card processor, you may be able to go to your account on their system and re-authorize, but it would probably be time consuming.


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      Thanks, I appreciate the reply! I figured that was the case but figured I would ask.


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        You're welcome. You could use "email when back in stock" to at least collect a list of email addresses that could be contacted when the products come in.