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    I'm trying to figure out for setting up my online payment on my cart.
    I'm new and lost with all the different PayPal methods.
    If someone is familiar with that, I would be great to understand what is the difference between PayPal Pro and PayFlow. I guess the PayFlow is more secure and permits to stay on the website.

    When I add the PayFlow online payment on the cart I don't have anymore the Paypal Express Checkout. The Express sounds to work only with PayPal Pro but if I want to use Express Checkout and PayFlow it adds two PayPal online payment on checkout3. Are they the same way?
    What I would like to do is to have PayFlow online payment only AND PayPal Express Checkout .

    I also hear that I have to send the PayPal certificate to 3dCart with the api username and password. Is it for testing it? Is there a way to ensure that PayPal payment works well on my cart?

    How can I know if my paypal account is set up to accept Verisygn PayFlow Pro or PayPal Pro? The certificate provided on their website works with these 2 payments?

    Thank you.

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    Paypal Pro allows the customer to checkout from YOUR site. Paypal Standard is the one that makes the customer checkout on Paypal's website. Paypal Pro also allows for Express checkout. I don't know anything about Payflow - never heard of it.


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      Payflow is PayPal's version of Payflow is the gateway but the processing is done by your merchant account. So, you will need a "real" merchant account from a financial institution like a bank to use payflow.
      Unless you are doing a good deal of volume this might not be the best way to go because, while you are charged a couple of points less on the processing fee, you are usually stuck with 2 monthly statement fees (payflow and your merchant account). Compare the different paypal options here:


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        More infomations


        Thank you for your information.
        Actually with the time, I succeed to get almost the informations I needed.
        So I will share it with you.
        So firstly, we have "Website Payment Pro" , its something recent and very full of features, perfect for what we need.
        So what does it include: it's well described on the link you gave kernphilip.

        So now my problem was to pick between PayPal Pro AND Verisign PayFlow Pro since the ALL-in-one solution from PayPal offers both.

        They have both advantages:
        PayPal Pro : like explained thedancingdaisy, allows the customer to checkout from YOUR site and for Express checkout.
        Verisign PayFlow Pro: its a payFlow payment from Verisign bought by PayPal. Paypal owns this payment anymore.
        What is the difference? Basically the same except 2 things.
        Firstly, we are going to move to Verisign PayFlow Pro soon, since we use StoneEdge, and only Verisign transmit a transaction ID that allows to capture the payment from StoneEdge. In Paypal Pro, this transaction Id is set to 0. So there is no way to capture from StoneEdge since it cannot identify the transaction.
        However, the only thing I dont understand and I'm disapointeed about that is : if we use Verisign we dont have the Express Checkout in the cart. WHY ?
        I dont see how can it happen, if we are able to have either PayPal Pro or Verisign PayFlow Pro and both are from PayPal , why just PayPal Pro display the Express Checkout in 3dCart? I dunno how it works in other shopping cart, but I wish I could keep the Express Checkout with Verisign PayFlow Pro ...

        However, the number of orders with Express Checkout is very minimal for us, though it's supposed to concurrent Google Checkout but it doesnt sound to work as well.
        I think the opportunities to charge the transaction from StoneEdge is very awesome and we can just move for it.

        So if anyone else use Verisign PayFlow Pro or StoneEdge and want to keep the Express Checkout , maybe its something we could ask to 3dCart.