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Google Checkout Account Suspension Pending - Please Help!

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  • satnavcompany
    submit a support ticket and ask exatly what you were doing wrong - if possible call them.

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  • papa
    BUMP - Disabling Checkout Options for certain items

    Hello all.
    It has been quite some time since this was resolved.
    We thank you all for that.

    We were curious as to the other checkout options.
    Okay, a little more than curious, paypal has asked us to make changes to our site.

    "disable_googlecheckout" in the keywords section works for google checkout.

    What about the following? -
    Paypal Express Checkout
    Paypal Website Payments
    Online Credit Cards
    Checkout By Amazon

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

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  • hanzoswords
    is there a similar code for paypal?

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  • papa

    Hello all.
    Thank you all for your assistance.
    In particular, thank you 3dCartHenry and 3DCart.

    The "disable_googlecheckout" in the keywords section, did the trick.
    Now, after following your fix, Google Checkout isn't even show up as an option within the cart if one of the e-cigs is in the cart.

    Thanks again.
    That was incredibly easy, helpful and simply great assistance from 3DCart.

    I don't even know how to express my gratitude.
    Thank you so much.
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  • Shift4Shop-Henry
    Hi all,

    papa, you should be getting an answer to your support ticket detailing this soon, but the fix is actually much simpler than conditional scripting.

    For Google Checkout we have a parameter that can be passed in the keywords section of the individual products to suppress Google Checkout on the cart if the product is present.

    Simply go to your e-cigarette products and add "disable_googlecheckout" (minus the quotes) in the keywords section of the products.

    This will make it so that the Google Checkout option won't come up at all if the product(s) is(are) in the cart.

    This should satisfy Google's requirements and limitations on e-cigs.

    Hope this helps!

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  • elightbox
    I can see where you would create a Javascript conditional script on the shopping cart to show or not show the google Checkout button depending on if certain items are in the cart. You can mark these products by setting one of the extra fields to 1, and testing for it (I found this works for fields 1-5, not 6-10 for some reason I am not advanced enough to figure out)
    This might be advanced, so you might want to go to a developer for hire site like and hire someone to do it.
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  • Google Checkout Account Suspension Pending - Please Help!

    Hello all.
    Long time listener... First time caller(not really.)

    Google has issued us a warning.
    Our Google Checkout Account is pending suspension due to some of the items we sell.
    Nothing illegal, at least as far as the law is concerned. Google has other thoughts.

    We are a General Merchandise site. We offer thousands of products.
    One of main sellers is Electronic Cigarettes.
    That item is what Google does not want to process for us.
    They are okay with everything else.
    We are okay with not processing these items through Google Checkout, but would like to be able to process the other thousands of items through GC.

    At first, they asked us to post in the item description, a button that says that Google will not process this item.
    We gladly proceeded to post the button and all was well, then Google sent us an email stating that although we posted the button, these items can still go to their checkout.

    So, unless we can stop these items from reaching their checkout, they will suspend our account.

    There's the issue, we would like to keep selling the items (one of best sellers) while disabling the ability to pack for them through Google Checkout.

    Anyone have this happen to them? Any work-arounds? Any hacks? Anything?
    We're dying here. We've read every possible forum, asked Google for help and so far... NOTHING.
    Google support is useless and unhelpful.
    This is our last resort. We are turning to the 3DCart community for assistance.
    GoLive, we know you're out there. Help us out, bud.

    Now, before you reply that we should just cancel our Google Checkout Account and move on, please consider the following-
    1) A lot of customers are referred to us because we use Google Checkout. There are many benefits to having Google Checkout.
    2) What happens when Paypal hits us up for the same reason or something similar?
    3) What happens when Amazon hits us up for the same reason or something similar?
    4) Our last shopping cart provider had a feature where you could disable certain types of payments for certain items. Not a criticism on 3DCart. We love 3DCart.

    We realize that this is kind of a feature request, but we don't have time for a feature to be developed. We need help now. To develop features takes time, we realize that as well.

    One thing we did find was the following page by google-

    You will note that they mention the following-
    Use 'not available' buttons when necessary: You should display the 'Google Checkout not available' button (using the variant parameter) for orders not adhering to our content policies.

    At the mercy of the court,
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