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Website Payments Pro authorization and capture problem

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  • Website Payments Pro authorization and capture problem

    We had a most interesting problem with a payment. We received an authorization for a payment. The address verified as did the card security code. However, when we attempted to capture the funds, Paypal Website Payments pro completed the transaction without adding the funds to our account. We didn't get paid.

    Immediate payment on capture is one of the benefits of the Paypal system. It was not easy to find, but we learned from the "Risk Ccontrols" that the payment was declined due to a mismatch of the card security code.
    The decline did not show in our order history. We did not receive any notification. We noticed it because the order was listed as completed but there was no money added or fees collected for the transaction.

    In other words, the CVV2 matched when payment was authorized, but mismatched when we tried to collect. We resolved the issue by contacting the customer and doing a manual transaction. We learned that the customer had not made any changes to his credit card since placing the order.

    Had there been a mismatch between the security code and what the customer entered, the authorization should have been declined.

    Paypal is investigating. It will be interesting to learn what the Paypal techs discover.

    Has anyone else had this experience? I hope I have clearly communicated the issue. Let us know what you think.