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Braintree Payments?

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  • Braintree Payments?

    Has anyone or does anyone have experience setting up Braintree Payments with 3DCart? I've been dealing with this with 3DCart support all this week with no answers, and am currently unable to process credit card payments. If ANYONE knows how to set this up, please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Chances are then that you'll either need to get the people at Braintree to help you wade through 3d's API or find another CC service provider. An reseller is your best bet since 3d is set up to readily process transactions.


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      I just opened an account with Braintree and the 3dcart interface does not work as it stands. Even though it's listed as a payment provider but when you enter your information it fails.

      Currently have an open ticket and waiting for an answer from support.


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        they normally answer quite quickly in my experience although my latest ticket got a quick response but when things were easily solved, it died out over 24 hours ago with no further response... still open ticket.
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          I just switched from FirstData to BrainTree and I'm seeing this warning during setup:

          PayPal (Powered by Braintree)

          Additional Information
          Please note that the Braintree payment module is not compatible with Phone Orders. Therefore, you will want to have a separate payment option enabled on your store if you plan on using the phone order function.

          We do phone orders on a daily basis, using the 3dcart as checkout and inputting the customer information. Is there a work around for this?