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  • Stripe?

    Anyone have any experience with Stripe? Pros? Cons? I'm interested in anyone else's opinions on this new payment option

    Stripe: The Start-up Gunning for PayPal and Google Checkout |

    I see where people in the forums of my old cart are using it and so far people seem quite pleased

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    Sounds OK, but why? I am happy with my processor which offers better rates than 2.9%+30 cents. I get my money in 3 days instead of 7 days, and I get my discount fees back with returns. PayPal also refunds fees in the first 30 days and you get your money almost instantly.

    PayPal currently is offering a .99% processing through Christmas for "new accoutns" Maybe you can open "New account" to take advantage of that.

    This is what stripe says:
    "Refunds are free, though the fees from the original charge can't be returned to you."


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      I currently offer paypal express on my site so I don't think I can qualify for that rate through Christmas, although it was appealing. My current merchant account is also "ok", I was just more curious if anything on this


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        Reviving and old thread here. Anyone have any success with implementing Stripe for payment processing in their stores? Any thoughts on this?


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          Hey, we used it, it was effortless! However they shut us down because they don't allow our kind of industry. E-cigs! Anyhow, yes they were awesome, I would recommend them to anyone! Easy, painless, and fast!


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            I wouldn't...

            We used Stripe before we switched to this cart. It was not pleasant. We had a $2000 charge that was disputed and Stripe simply removed it from our account, then gave us an opportunity to dispute it. You have to manage to convert every shred of information/documentation you have to a single PDF document and submit it and hope someone gets it. You have no other recourse. Luckily we were notified 6 weeks later that we had won the dispute.

            We did not like the complete lack of customer advocacy, the complete lack of transparency and the complete lack of the ability to talk to someone on the phone.

            We immediately switched to a new processor that gives us far better rates, great customer advocacy, a very detailed dispute process and a policy of NOT REMOVING FUNDS until the dispute has been settled.

            Stripe might be great for businesses with very low price points that might not be overly concerned about disputes/charge backs, but to any company that has very high price points like us, Stripe is absolutely horrible.

            Interesting that Stripe takes 7 days to deliver your money but takes 24 hours to remove it. That speaks volumes...