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    I am currently having 2 issues with processing credit cards.

    We have been using Moneris with 3dCart for 3 years now. In May we got our first charge back. Since then we have had 3 more fraudulent orders that we have caught and refunded before it became a charge back. I decided to add Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure code to my account to try and cut down on fraudulent use through my store.

    This lead to the discovery that even though Moneris checks AVS and CVV, if an error is reported the transaction still goes through and the order shows as completed to the customer without any error message about the address or CVV. Moneris states that this how their system works but it send a response back to the site that the AVS or CVV failed and to try again, it is then up to us to void the transaction where the AVS or CVV failed.

    Though manually voiding the transactions are a pain the bigger concern is that my site does not show any of the errors reported by Moneris.

    The second part of the issue is now that VbV and MCSC are turned on they do not happen.

    When looking at 3dcarts site it lists Moneris Canada as a supported gateway and when you click to get more information it states "Secure: eSELECTplus supports such eFraud tools as the Verified by Visa service, MasterCard SecureCode, Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Validation Value (CVV)."

    I have contacted support but surprisingly they have been no help, usually they are awesome.

    So I was wondering if anyone in the forums have setup Moneris Canada (eSelect plus) with 3dcart so that it uses VbV and MCSC and also reports any errors that gets sent back to the store.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Chris,
    Usually when a gateway supports some kind of Fraud detection, they provide for a way to decline if these detections show some sort of fraud. For example, with you can specify to Fail the authorization if billing address does not match, or, if CVV2 does not match (or if both don't match, etc.).

    I would double check with the gateway and see if this is possible because on 3dcart's end, we don't block purchases in any way, since each gateway reports things differently its very hard to figure this out, but, the gateway itself can make that determination pretty quickly based on the information given to it.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Thanks for responding. The main problem is that 3dCart doesn't seem to have anyway to connect with eSelect plus in Canada, even though it is shown as a compatible gateway for Canada. I have a support ticket submitted that is now being escalated.

      I will post what they have to say when they get back to me.


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        So after being escalated I was told that eSelectplus does not fully work with 3dCart. It allows for transactions to be processed but any features like Verified by Visa are not supported. They changed Moneris Compatible Shopping Cart Software, Online Store so that it does not state that it is fully supported but they really need to explain on the page that it is not fully supported because the page still implies that all features will work when they don't.

        So if you are looking into setting up a store with 3dCart and are planning on using Moneris, you will want to take a look at different options so that they work properly with your store.

        This is the first time that support has not been helpfully, for the past 3 years they have been amazing.