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  • Virtual Merchant?

    Anybody using Virtual Merchant? I am through Costco/Elavon but am having problems. I set it up properly based on trying the "Test" transaction and it works every time. But then when I use a "dummy" customer I set up in actual store, every time I check out I get the same error message when using a credit card: "Credit card error: Your credit card cannot be charged at this time. Please try again later or contact us for additional assistance".

    3dCart support says: "The error on the order states, "This terminal or user id is not permitted to process this transaction type". This message is coming directly from the gateway, VirtualMerchant. There is an issue with the merchant ID being used. It could be as simple as change the account from 'test' to 'live' mode however you would have to contact the gateway to get the exact cause of the error."

    Virtual Merchant is telling me: "What you describe sounds like an Authorization Only transaction. We suggest that you add the credit card Auth Only right to the user and see if that makes the difference."

    I don't know how to add Auth only to a customer particularly if a real customer is making an order at 2 a.m. I do have the online processing to "authorize only" - we don't want to bill their card until we ship.

    Any ideas?