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Error Charging Recurring Order

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  • Error Charging Recurring Order

    We are using the the option for recurring orders. The CIM module is enabled. Payment gateway is Authorize.Net with recurring billing enabled.

    However, when we try to process a recurring order, we get error code 105 - for not finding card token profile originally used. This is a cart error and not a gateway error, because the transaction never gets to gateway.

    Support says our cart is correctly set up for recurring billing. Has anyone experienced error 105 with recurring billing???

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    By chance, did you recently change credentials?

    The CIM module will create tokens for credit cards from the time you turn it on, so couple of possible issues here:

    1) Trying to charge a card that a token hasn't been generated for yet.
    2) Credentials change so tokens no longer valid

    are you getting this error on every transaction or just 1 order?
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      We seen same error before changing credentials. We changed credentials at request of 3dcart support and got same error.

      We have seen same error with more than one card. Actually, we are seeing same error both of our carts: and - which makes me wonder if somewhere there is a setting that has been overlooked. Support says we are set up correctly.