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  • PayPal unconfirmed address

    How do you handle unconfirmed addresses on PayPal. The purchase would only be partially eligible for seller protection (item not received only), which is meaningless since UPS would cover that.
    If the card is stolen, or the user is not authorized, we'd be out.

    We have a large order with an unconfirmed address. What to do?

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    I personally have restricted PayPal to only allow confirmed addresses.

    In your situation I would probably contact the customer and just talk to them and see if anything they say raises and red flags in your mind. Sometimes I ask them to email me a photograph of a drivers license.


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      we changed our PayPal Fraud Settings to Reject orders with unconfirmed addresses however we had to revert back right away.

      The issue is that customers are not given any sort of error message about the un-confirmed address. They just get sent back to our site and then they are in a loop: PayPal>our site>PayPal, and they don't know what is wrong.

      I thought PayPal would provide a message that only confirmed addresses are accepted, but that is not the case.