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Unexplained credit card transaction

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  • Unexplained credit card transaction

    While going through yesterday I found this transaction with no record in the admin.

    Support so far cannot explain it and is not taking responsibility. That is why I am asking here if anyone has any ideas.

    The transaction description (see image) says: "Test transaction for ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile"
    The customer does have an account in our store (valid customer id) with the same saved credit card that was used in this transaction.

    I don't know how anyone can create and void a transaction without a record in the system. Usually if an authorization just expires, it will say so on, and will not say voided, and there should be a transaction record on 3dcart.

    To me "ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile" looks like a 3dcart parameter.
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    I put your error message into a Google search. All leads referred to EX:
    CIM: charging $1 when adding a new p... - Authorize.Net Developer Community