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  • Affirm?

    Has anyone received emails from Affirm dot com about using their payment processing on their website? Any pros/cons?

    I've tried researching the company and see that it's a start up for one of the paypal co founders, etc. but the site is hit and miss on information for the merchant and their fees, how the merchant gets paid, etc. I've responded to their email with questions and interest. Maybe someone will call and speak to me, maybe

    I'm wonder how hard it would be to set up, if anyone has any experience, positive or negative, with the company. Anything?

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    This appears similar to FuturePay which is integrated with 3dcart. On FuturePay The merchant pays a 5% transaction fee.

    The fee is high, and I am afraid I will lose customers on the payment page because they end up researching Future Pay or get confused setting it up instead of just using a credit card and finish the transaction.

    Maybe we will try this type of financing once it is established and customers are familiar with it.