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PayPal extends Seller Protection

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  • PayPal extends Seller Protection

    Got this from PayPal:
    Seller Protection now covers transactions even when the buyer’s address is unconfirmed. We’ve removed the ‘confirmed address eligibility’ requirement. That means we’ll cover millions of additional domestic and international transactions so you can sell to more customers and know your eligible transactions are protected.
    If this means what I think it means then as long as we ship to the address from PayPal and get a signed receipt for orders over $200 (or $250 not sure), then we are protected. I believe this also extends to International orders, although the fine print says to check the individual country's exclusions which sounds like double speak. I went looking and just got confused.


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    I guess time will tell. It kind of frustrates me because now I am not totally clear on when I am shipping something that is protected. It seems more... "fuzzy" now.