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    Hi all,

    I've set up my site to accept Google Checkout and PayPal. However, I noticed that when integrate with Google Checkout, a button is automatically placed on various pages (the View Cart page and the Checkout Step 1). That's great...but I noticed that the button is not included (nor is there an option) to use Google Checkout at the final stage of checkout (Step 4, where you enter in your billing info).

    In summary, Google Checkout shows the button (and is a payment option offered) at Step 1 of checkout, but not anywhere else. I would have thought that Google Checkout would be another option listed at Step 3 (along with Credit Card & PayPal).

    Is this normal, or something I should open up a support ticket for? Also, does PayPal offer a "quick checkout" button similar to the one that's showing from Google?


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    the Google checkout Button is displayed on 2 steps: View Cart AND shipping info
    I understand you would like to display it on the last step (checkout 4), it would offer another payment possibility.
    But 2 reasons, why it should not be on the step 4:
    1) Google Checkout users already have an account with all the info : shipping address, billing address, that make the checkout faster.
    So, I dont think they will wait to be at the last step to click Google checkout.
    2) From a technically point, I wonder how can it be done if u click on Google checkout button on the last step. Either the user has to retype all the info in Google checkout processus since it's maybe different Or either 3dCart can transfer all the info to Google checkout, but I dunno if Google would permit it.

    However, it stays a good idea, though it can be confusing for the client to see many times Google checkout through the processus of Checkout and just wants to checkout by credit card ....

    About the Paypal:
    There is indeed something similar than Google checkout Called PayPal Express Checkout.
    We offer both Google checkout and PayPal Checkout options on our website.
    The only difference is the PayPal Checkout button is only displayed at the step 1.
    To get this option, you have to set up a new payment online either PayPal Pro or maybe something only for Express Checkout .....