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Paypal required update. Is 3D cart ready?

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  • Paypal required update. Is 3D cart ready?

    I received a warning notice from Paypal saying I am a merchant who has "used IPN endpoints within the last year" potentially affected by their upcoming security upgrade on 9/30/2015. I am hoping 3dcart has already taken steps to make sure their merchants are set for the Paypal upgrade?

    Anyone know? I will not be pleased if I cannot process Paypal payments through my 3dcart store at the end of the month.

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    Hi Dana,

    I just got this email, too. I was concerned that it might be a phishing ploy. Does anyone know for sure if it's legit?


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      There's lots of folks fired up about it on Etsy and some called Paypal about it directly. Its supposed to be a legitimate email, but its something the developers and carts etc. have to have in place and set up before the deadline. It is not anything we can do ourselves. There's more on their development page.

      If nobody knows if 3dcart has allready taken care of this, I will see if I can send them a ticket about it.



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        I also sent it to Paypal spoof address to see if its is legitimate. They are probably being flooded. Haven't heard back yet.


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          I do think it is legit and I also HOPE that 3D will be ready. Maybe someone from 3D will chime in.

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            Hi all,

            It is indeed a legitimate notification from PayPal and it is also something that we have already prepared for.

            This announcement from PayPal is in regards to the industry wide phase out of the SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) encryption that was being used for Internet SSL certificates since 2005.

            Based on its age and the sophistication of modern computing power, many services last year began the process of dropping support and use for that encryption in favor of the newer, stronger SHA-2 encryption methods.

            3dcart also completed this process and - as of a few months ago - all of our Secure Socket Layering (SSL) services are now provided using the SHA-2 encryption. So we're all set! :)

            PayPal is merely announcing to its customers that they're about to update their services to the same algorithm.

            If anyone is interested in learning more, I found the following articles online that discuss the SHA-1 vs SHA-2 topic more completely and written by people much smarter than me. ;)Hope this helps address your concerns!



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              Thanks Henry. And, thanks to the 3dcart team for having it in place.


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                Hooray! Thank you for responding Henry. Appreciate it!