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Elavon's Payment Gateway Needs Better Support

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  • Elavon's Payment Gateway Needs Better Support

    We recently switched our payment processing to Elavon. Some of its fraud protection features require the cart to pass the customer's ip address to the gateway. 3Dcart collects the ip address but does not pass it to this particular gateway. Please vote on user voice feature request to update Elavon's Virtual Merchant gateway (now called Converge) to pass the cardholder's ip address. 3dCart should also support Elavon's tokenization feature.

    Please vote for this and ask 3dCart to support these changes ASAP. Card-not-present fraud, already a problem, will become a greater challenge because the introduction of EMV makes fraud a bit more difficult in brick and mortar transactions. Fraudsters are putting more effort into stealing from online merchants.
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