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  • flaw and lost sales

    If you use CIM (Customer Information Manager) and a customer enters the wrong CVV code on a credit card the card will decline.

    The customer will receive a credit card error message when they try to re-enter the correct code. It does not matter whether they have an account or not on our site,

    The customer is then stuck and cannot place an order.

    Support says we are out of luck and we have to have fix this and 3dcart will not do anything about it. We will just continue to lose sales, and customer will continue to get frustrated during checkout. I am not a technical expert, that is why I use 3dcart, and depend on them to deal with gateways and credit card integrations.

    I personally do not buy that it is not something in the way CIM it is integrated with 3dcart. Blaming the other party is the oldest trick in Tech Support. Each party blames the other and the customer is stuck in the middle.

    One thing is that this does not happen all the time, it is sporadic, another is that If I try to process the customer "not-competed" order through the Virtual Terminal, I see Saved Cards when the customer does not have a store account. Why would there be saved cards for a customer with no account. I have also seen those non-functional saved cards for customers that have accounts.

    3dcart-Alex Ticket #GET-714-28759

    Here are the rep responses:

    If a customer has a saved credit card and they enter the card number with a different csv the system will not read that card. The error messages that are being generated are coming from the gateway itself. I would advise to speak to authorize as these error messages are coming directly from them.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. Unfortunately, we can not control what error messages the gateway returns. 3dcart only connects with the gateway. We do not process the credit cards nor save the credit card information. If the card has been saved on the gateway's end, the token will be accessible on the site but it is not stored in our database. To find out more information on their error messages and why this being returned to the cart, you would need to contact the gateway themselves. They would be able to provide more information and explain the error message better.

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    Support has reached out and said the dev team will have a fix for this in the next update. Thank you 3dcart for taking responsibility.