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PayPal checkout bug with expedited shipping.

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  • PayPal checkout bug with expedited shipping.

    PayPal checkout does not work with expedited shipping.

    Has anyone found a workaround for the expedited shipping / PayPal bug? If so please post it here. We are losing up to $50 a day because of this bug. Both 3dcart and PayPal are NOT helping.

    We have been using 3scart for a few years now. All of our products are sold with free shipping. Shoppers can select expedited shipping for a fee. When the shopper checks out using expedited shipping and pays with PayPal they are only charged the base rate. The expedited shipping fee is not sent to PayPal and they are not charged. Furthermore the order is listed as unpaid. This costs us money as we are forced to ship expedited even though we were not paid for the service.

    We first contacted 3dcart with this issue in December of 2015. They duplicated the issue and said they will work on a solution. I have called every few weeks to check the status of the ticket. 5 months later and the issue still exists. The last email I received form 3dcart stated the following

    2-5-2016 ... "Thank you for your patience, our developers are still investigating; however, we appreciate your patience while we continue to investigate and we haven't forgotten about you."

    I call again this month and ask if they have fixed the bug. Tech support is now telling me the ticket has been closed and I need to contact PayPal? What? You confirmed the issue over several months and now the ticket is closed? No email, no resolution no contact. Just games.

    I contact PayPal and they tell me the issue is with 3dcart.

    Please post a solution here if you have one.

    You can duplicate the issue by adding a product to your shopping cart that uses PayPal standard. Add expedited shipping. We add 25 percent to the sale for expedited shipping. Once you get to the PayPal screen you will see the additional shipping fee falls off and it only asks you to pay the base rate.

    Feedback is appreciated.


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    I feel your pain on shipping rates with 3dc. I've been waiting, as have you, for the shipping calculation mess to be straightened out, added different methods to user voice over two years ago and well, still waiting. I talked to support about the shipping calculation issues again yesterday myself. I don't feel it's something that should have to be "voted" on in user voice, but what do I know. I'm interested also if someone has found a work around. I've had to add custom shipping rates to get calculations where I don't lose money on the shipping also


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      PayPal Express works with expedited shipping. I just ran a test.


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        elightbox. This issue is with paypal standard not express. Express does work but the integration sucks.
        Toobusy. I am sorry you are feeling the pain. I have been on the phone with Paypal for more than 8 hours this week alone. They are able to duplicate the issue but are unable to offer an explanation of why. To complicate matters the Paypal techs can only duplicate the issue using an external paypal computer or mobile phone. The issue does not exist when using an internal paypal computer. Paypal does not offer a direct line to merchant support. It requires one call and three transfers. I called to check on the ticket today and they said the ticket was closed with a resolution of "use paypal express". Here i am 30 hours later(since December) and the bug still exists.

        Its probably time to jump ship. We have outgrown this platform. Support is poor and this bug is costing us money. 3dcart is under the impression it's the customers job to invest time and money to debug an issue.


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          Toobusy The bug has been fixed after 30 hours and 4 months of calls and the general run around. I hired a programmer this weekend and we knocked it out. I actually found the fix by accident. Please send me a PM with your phone number and i will help you get it solved. There is a zero chance i will give this solution to 3dcart. They will need to figure it out.