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PayPal Payments Pro and Denied Debit Card

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  • PayPal Payments Pro and Denied Debit Card

    We are using PayPal Payments Pro as our credit card processor on our website. We have one customer who is telling us that his card is getting denied or just 'not working'. I'm not seeing any error code on the admin nor within PayPal. The customer says there are no problems if Pay with PayPal is used (going off-site vs staying onsite).

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something I can do to remedy this?

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    Try the virtual terminal on Pay Pal perhaps?

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      I don;t know if it is related or not, but we use PP Pro for both web, phone and retail orders. The latter two through StoneEdge. There are sometimes cards that come back with a 15005 Processor Decline in StoneEdge that go through fine via another processor (Square).

      I think I read somewhere a long time ago that if someone had a dispute with PayPal, it would possibly not process any cards they had linked to their account, causing this error. It happens rarely enough to us that I have never investigated further.



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        I get this infrequently, but what PayPal told me on one customer's card was that the customer at one time had that card listed on on their PayPal account and never updated it with new expiration date information -- even though they are paying with credit card, PayPal still somehow compares that card with what is on file it returns an error. Ask the customer if they have that card listed on their PayPal account and if so if it has been updated to recent info.
        Joe Arbogast