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Customer pays by paypal , no evidence of it our end

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  • Customer pays by paypal , no evidence of it our end

    Hi Guys we noticed we have had a few orders process to checkout then just stay , so we emailed customers to see if we could help , then to be told by customers that they paid with paypal . We ask them to check their payment statement the payment is not there . Now we have had some people pay with paypal with no problem today , and about 5 peoples who says they have paid their end but no record for us . Anyone else have this problem ???. If i had't checked and emailed them , they would be waiting for a delivery and i would be none the wiser .

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    1. What did PayPal say?
    2. What did 3dcart say?
    3. Did they pay via PayPal or pay with credit card through PayPal payments?
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      Hey Clint , i have just this minute sent messages to paypal and 3dcart , hopefully i will hear back in the morning australia time . . Just thought i would ask if anyone have had this problem before before just incase . Fingers crossed


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        I am having Paypal issues too. The customer places the order and pays by Paypal. It ends up in the unpaid tab with a comment of "INVALID" in the order comments tab in admin. I am checking the unpaid orders tab and my Paypal account for all transactions now so I don't miss any. This happened a few months ago as well. On top of this, I had one order stay in incomplete status even though they had paid by Paypal. Two months later (yes, two months) I just got my very first Paypal dispute in 17 years of business because I had not idea the customer had completed/paid so I never shipped their items. It was rather embarrassing.


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          Danab exactly the problem we are having !! waiting to hear from paypal to see if it is something their end . now