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  • Special Character "Bug"

    Just thought I would post this FYI --

    I have a customer who on three occasions could not get an order to complete - some weird payment error message kept popping up and we would always complete the order via phone and I would have to go to PayPal Pro Flow's virtual terminal to charge his card. I put in a ticket with 3dCart and they said it was a PayPal issue - it was their error.

    Come to find out the customer put both his name and his wife's name in the First Name field using an ampersand ( & ) between the names. Well it turns out that the ampersand causes some or activity in payment processors, as I found this in PayPal's Developer's info:
    Using Special Characters In Values

    Because the ampersand (&) and equal sign (=) characters have special meanings, they are invalid in a name-value pair value.

    The following are invalid:

    COMPANYNAME=Ruff & Johnson

    I didn't get the error in Virtual Terminal because I would just enter one name in the first name field.

    So if you get a strange denial for an order - check it for special characters in any of the fields.

    Joe Arbogast

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    Birdsafe Thanks! this is a great find. If we come across this error with any merchant we will be sure to check this. Thanks again!