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  • anyone else having issues with

    manage a store for my brother and they use - they just started getting these errors - I've never used so trying to help my brother out since they are in the middle of nowhere at the moment and not able to work on this. I told my brother to call but does someone have an idea on what the issue may be??

    How could an account become inactive?? I would assume the fees would be deducted from online sales which they have??

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    Check to see if the API login ID in 3dcart matches whats on Or maybe he made a change on authorize net, which generated a new key.

    You can find detailed info on error codes here:

    In this case you have 3 error codes: 3, 2 & 13. Not sure if these will tell you the exact issue, but its worth a shot.

    Unlikely, but they could've turned the account off.