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3dcart POS App & Ingenico Chip Reader Not Working

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  • 3dcart POS App & Ingenico Chip Reader Not Working

    Is there anyone out there that uses the 3dcart POS app and have not been able to use the chip reader recently???

    We have had the 3dcart POS app running our front end register for the past 2 years, with some mixed tech issues but overall has been working well. About one month ago, the USA-ePAy logo changed within the form of payment window, and since then the Ingenico ICM122 Chip Reader would no longer work, even though the BT shows they are connected. This forces us to ask our retail customers to provide form of ID so we can add purchase to the back end instead of retail transaction.

    For the past month, 3dcart has had this issue with no resolution. My first thought was they pushed an update that disconnected the terminal. First they blamed us for using the CC pre-authorized transactions on website (which worked since day 1), but once I changed to immediate sale the problem still persists. Now 3dcart states "USA ePay is not working with our POS system right now. Our developers were using an unreleased chip reader that isn't available just yet. It seems that USA ePay did work, and recently stopped working and need a new Chip Reader".

    Anyone else having an issue with the 3dcart POS app and credit card terminal?

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    HGalindez We apologize for the issues with USA e pay card reader. We are aware and working with usa e pay to get this resolved. Currently, a new card reader is being developed and will be released later. This will take time due to the new configurations needed to integrate with our POS app. Our developers are in contact with USA e pay to get this done as soon as possible. ETA for this type of implementation usually is 3-4 weeks so it's seamless and bug-free. Thanks so much for your patience while we work to get this correct!


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      It has now been three months since the POS app has worked properly. No credit card purchases has been allowed since August. We have to run every walk-in customer through the backend as if it was an e-commerce order, which adds about 5 minutes to the transaction. Needless to say I'm a bit embarrassed to ask the customer for their ID along with their credit card - it makes us look very unprofessional. I have sent emails to VP Jimmy Rodriguez and others in the tech support group with no resolution to this issue. Moderator William claims a fix in 3-4 weeks, and that was 9 weeks ago. Am I the only one using the 3dcart POS app for retail? This is getting ridiculous.


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        HGalindez I apologize that you weren't updated about this yet. There was an update released in the apple store for the POS that will resolve this. We sent it to apple but I believe it took some time for their team to approve and post it. I'm going to have your new T.A.M reach out to you and make sure you are all set up.