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  • E-Gift Card Fraud

    I'm just curious if anyone can chime in on how they combat e-gift card fraud. I had a fraudster purchase a gift certificate using a credit card along with the shipping and billing address associated with the credit card. They turned around and used the gift card to ship merchandise to a different address before the credit card chargeback happened. Any thoughts?

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    Use the FraudWatch module

    Then set a rule:
    Fraudwatch score >3 (a different IP location than the exact billing address will trigger a score over 3)
    Customer account = First Time customer (this will prevent false positive on known customers)

    This will stop most of them.

    Orders will be in 'Review' Status and you can delete them there


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      Thank you!


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        That is a useful suggestion by nicolos_t.

        Another option is to use Amazon Payments in one of two ways.

        1. Use it as the only checkout method. Amazon guarantees the payment. There will not be a chargeback for credit card fraud as long as you ship the goods using a tracking number.
        2. Whenever you get an order like this, contact the buyer letting them know you are unable to process the credit card because the system flagged a security issue. However, if they place a new order using Amazon Payments, the order is more likely to pass the security check. (Use this option with the suggestion by nicolas_t.)

        We used to do this when Google Payments was available. Not only were we able to stop a few fraudsters, some of our legitimate customers thanked us for being proactive. We did not lose a single legitimate order because of these requests. Google payments blocked all of the fraudulent orders. Google Payments is gone but Amazon Payments can be used in a similar way.

        3dCart could help by making some improvements to the Customer Groups and Payment Modules.
        Automatically assign new, unregistered customers to a group that we can name (First Time or New.).
        Allow multiple groups for each payment processor or method. Right now we can select all or just one group.
        Allow us to assign customers to multiple groups. The software would make available all the payment methods they can use based on their group membership.

        These changes would allow us to use the capabilities of different payment processors to screen the customers in order to lower the fraud risk.
        Example: New customers or customers not in a group would pay using Amazon or any similar processor that guarantees the payment.
        Returning customers or customers we assign to a specific group would use the payment processing available to their group, which in many cases could have lower processing fees than Amazon.