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PayPal Payments Pro and Recurring Orders - Can't Update CC

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  • PayPal Payments Pro and Recurring Orders - Can't Update CC

    I use PayPal Payments Pro as my credit card processor and have just discovered a major limitation with it if you have Autoship / Recurring orders. According to a 3dcart customer service rep, "Paypal doesn't support the option to edit or delete the saved card." This means that if your customer's card is connected to an autoship order, and the card has expired, they can't update it. delete it or even add a new one in their 3dcart account. There is a message that says you can edit the card in the recurring order section, but there is not the case - there is no place to edit the card.
    I have to cancel the recurring order and then they (or me) have to create a new autoship order and enter their new credit card details.

    If anyone has figured out how to update a credit card on autoship orders (and they use PayPal Payments Pro) I would love to hear about it. I have 100+ autoship orders and at some point, everyone's credit card will expire so this could be a real nightmare if I have to manually cancel and then re-create every autoship order.

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    Nice isn't it? To have to tell your customers they can't update their credit cards. They have to cancel the entire order and start over.

    It's the same with stripe. This was the response I received from my ticket, which I was not happy with. I asked which gateway does allow updating and didn't receive an answer.

    The previous agent did inform you that this is the expected behavior with this gateway, we can only suggest submitting a uservoice request ( to see if this could be changed in the future. Otherwise, you may reach out to our sales department for any possible customization request.


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      I also have this issue using Braintree. It definitely does not work the way it was sold to me.