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Credit card errors

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  • Credit card errors

    Wondered if anyone else is seeing trouble with customers trying to complete orders and credit cards not being accepted. I think they are "saved" credit cards and the error that comes up is "Original transaction ID not found." I have seen this issue with Recurring orders that the token has gone out of date, but not in orders that just one-time orders. I had one case where a saved credit card would not go through (and rejected by 3dCart, not merchant bank), but yet putting through the exact same card manually worked fine.
    Joe Arbogast

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    Yes we are getting this a lot. Tried to rundown 3d / Both point the finger at the other and getting thru to the right people at 3d that can actually understand the issue is next to impossible these days......


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      We haven't seen many reports of this but if you have a ticket with details I can have someone look further into this issue. Thanks!