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3dCart is not accepting credit card info from customers?

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  • 3dCart is not accepting credit card info from customers?


    We've been using 3dCart with Converge for CC processing for a good 6-8 years. Suddenly, 3dCart is not accepting CC info and I'm losing customers. Hare are comments from two separate customers since yesterday:

    "I Cancelled my order.

    The credit card payment option kept erroring. Saying I hadn’t input my credit card number, then that it couldn’t be processed at the time, and finally chiding me for putting my credit card number in the designated spot saying that the field was suddenly an open text box. So I took my business elsewhere.

    I’d have liked to have purchased from your business, but I found the shopping experience aggravating and incredibly off-putting. "

    And the second one:

    "Was not able to check out with a couple active debit and credit card accounts. Tried on safari and chrome. Ended up purchasing the same items from ******"

    I've also gotten phone calls stating the same. What's going on with 3dCart. Converge (Evalon product) says nothing on their end.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm seeing 3 credit card input fields in your checkout for the CC number, which is probably the problem. Perhaps its an issue related to the latest version 10.2.7. I would call 3d support.


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      Well this is odd...Two of our stores are not taking credit cards as of about 30 minutes ago....Showing communication error...

      Okay...Evalon has an outage right now...
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        can't you test it by yourself? I doubt it's 3dcart issue. It's a good idea to have two different merchant processors in case such issue arise .


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          wbee Were you able to get in contact with support regarding this yet? If you have please provide the ticket id and I can follow up on this.