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Credit Card Workflow Causing Some Customers Major Issues - Suggestions?

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  • Credit Card Workflow Causing Some Customers Major Issues - Suggestions?

    I am interested in other merchants Credit Card workflow and seeing if there are any suggestions for us:

    #1 - We are on delayed capture. Customer places order, card is "authorized." When we ship we "capture" the funds. We use delayed capture as our customer and product lines have us making a good number of adjustments, and quite often delays of 4--7 days in shipping, etc. Orders range in value from $20 - $3000. Average order currently $526 (Dashboard)

    #2 - We use as our gateway and there CCV and AVS verification. We require the CCV to match, Street Address to match, and zipcode to match. We go to great lengths to explain to customers the CCV and AVS must match.

    Here is the Problem:
    It is not uncommon for customers to run their cards multiple times because the CCV or AVS does not match. The Credit Card company will authorize each time. Example this last week. Customer processed a charge 3 separate times, each time it was authorized by the issuer, and declined by our store. On the 4th time it went thru because the AVS matched. Unfortunately it was a debit card on his bank account and he had 4 x authorizations for $600. 3 of the 4 were declined and upon settlement should go back onto his debit card.....but there seems to be a 48-72 hour lag for that process to happen.

    Customer calls us upset because he has no available credit left on his debit card. We explain that these are declined authorizations, but they sometimes have a problem understanding this.

    This does not seem to be a problem as much for credit card customers as they will likely never even see the authorizations that the store declines unless they are at their CC limit. (IE they don't know it is happening.) However the debit card customers seem to have more of an issue with this.

    Is there some setting or process we should be using to avoid these issues. Any input appreciated.

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    After so many years we removed AVS matching .... it's non sense because if customer charge back you'll loose case regardless of AVS match. In 8 years we didn't won one single case. fraud protection is garbage. Think how many good orders were declined. Right now if we suspect order is fraud due to mismatch billing and shipping address we just put it on hold and wait for customer to call. If they don't call order is 90% fraud. When they call we transfer them to online chat and request image of credit card used. No legit customer ever refused to send it ...if they got upset or offended you know it's fraud and decline transaction ...