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Google Checkout Problems with Required Question

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  • Google Checkout Problems with Required Question

    Is anyone currently using Google Checkout that has a required question at checkout? I have both set up and it seems customers can check out using Google and completely bypass the required question. Do I have to set something up differently. As it currently stands the question is required if checking out on our site.

    As long as I am asking about Google Checkout does anyone know if this issue with Google Checkout orders not deducting from inventory has been addressed?

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    Isn't there anyone who is using Google Checkout and also has a required question (e.g. I agree to the terms of service)?

    Per the Google Checkout requirements you have to allow a person to divert to Google Checkout prior to requiring login information, but the implementation puts the login on the same page as the login info in 3DC so this would technically be impossible to implement and still require that they agree to your policies prior to checking out.

    Does anyone currently have a way handle situation?


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      I do have a checkout question that gets bypassed when a customer selects Google Checkout. But the question is one that is required by my gateway provider (asking if the customer understands the refund policy).

      The Google Checkout button is located on my view cart page right under Proceed to Checkout. So the customer clicks it, is taken straight to Google Checkout and completely bypasses the shopping cart login page.

      Unlike ours, if your checkout question is one that needs to be answered by every customer, can the question be coded into your view cart page - either by you or 3dcart?

      Where does your Google checkout button show up in the checkout process - on the View Cart page like ours or somewhere else? I guess I'm confused about where your button is located since you said that "the implementation puts the login on the same page as the login info in 3DC".


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        The Google checkout button appears on the checkout pages as well as the shipping cart page. The problem is it would be much better for us to be able to enforce agreement before the checkout process can be completed (using CC or G-checkout) but as it stands we cannot do this for Google Checkout. I cannot believe that there aren't stores who have this need.

        I will keep searching for a solution.


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          Did anyone ever figure anything out on this?




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            Just Doesn't Work

            We use the one page checkout and customers do not have to create an account.

            Google, Paypal, Amazon all appear in the cart page. Paypal and Amazon WILL return info to us to process the order but Google does not. This along with the fact that one cannot print postage from 3D Cart makes things pretty awkward.

            Must re-enter customer info by cutting and pasting from Google into phone order in 3dc. Then must cut and paste into

            We put up with this because we do want the Google orders. What a painful process. In fact its no process at all.