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  • Adding VBulletin Forums

    Has anyone successfully added vBulletin forums to their 3dcart site? Looking at vBulletins website, it looks as if it is written in PHP, and as far as I can tell, 3dCart is in ASP. If we add vBulletin forums, would they need to be hosted elsewhere that supports PHP? If so, can we still set it up as to be the forum page?

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    I would be curious too as to if you can install the forum software on the 3dcart hosted site. The price seems reasonable. Can anyone tell if that can instll on 3dcart site?
    Thank you in advance.


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      I ended up sending in a support ticket for this... Here was the response:

      "Yes, you are correct - basically, we do not support PHP, but you can host your Vbulletin anywhere and 3dCart and crate an A Record for you an point it to the IP address of your vbulletin. You A record can be if you like. You can then link to this url on your 3dCart site."


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        Okay. So, they do not host your forum. They only host your DNS.
        Thank you for your response.