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Seems like the Options hurt search rankings

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  • Seems like the Options hurt search rankings


    Seems like advanced options or options in general with regards to pricing are affecting our listing in Google. can anyone shed light on why our items are not listing in google shopping (products) even though we list a feed to them?
    I think it's finding "repetative" or some other issue and filtering out our listings.....:(

    I've seen competitor websites with a seperate listing for each size, qty, or case size and maybe there's a reason for it. If we combine all the different optiosn/sizes/cases etc, seems our listings lose rank.

    I've read of mirror listings getting removed from the search engine, and I think this is our problem. If you sell the same items on two or more sites, the additional sites will see NO listings. How the heck does this search crawler find all these and filter them out??? That's a lot of processing going on. It;s incredible!
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    SEO Results - Options vs Additional Pages

    I'd like to know the answer to this question as well. Though Mark's post mentions that he thinks "repetitive" text is causing him problems, while he's using Options and Advanced Options, I don't know how listing separately, each product in each of its option combinations isn't MORE repetitive.

    We've set our cart up to use Options and Advanced Options to REDUCE repetition - we offer product in 3 package sizes. The product is exactly the same and if we made a product item for each, then we'd have 3 pages saying exactly the same thing except for the price and size. How is that not MORE repetitive?

    Are the option fields just not getting searched by Google?

    Would the fact that we'd have 3 pages in our site instead of 1 page help or hurt our rankings?

    We're not LIVE yet but have been trying to go LIVE for days - but troublesome issues like this keep coming up and causing us to delay.




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      by no means should you delay going live on any SEO. Merely not being live is hurting SEO.
      Anyway, my question was for "duplicate" content filterring when having multiple websites with the same product.


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        DMOZ is dead.
        I am SO concerned that even despite the demise of DMOZ.ORG we still can't get the Google listings to exclude this.
        Does anyone know what is up with this situation?
        Google is not talking and neither is DMOZ