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  • 301 Redirect Help Please


    I signed on with 3DCart 2 weeks ago and went live this week.

    I need help with the 301 redirect. How is it done? I have over 1,200 urls indexed on google that need redirecting. Do these have to be done one at a time? is there a way to redirect all at once?

    Or maybe the 404 message can be changed?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I believe there is a way to import a spreadsheet containing the old URLs and the new URLs. I would open a support ticket to verify and see how to do this.


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      Thanks Scribe Time,

      I think I have it figured out. I'm using the RewriteRule method and it seems to be working. Doing them one at a time.

      The problem is I have so many urls indexed with google this could take a long time.

      What I really need is a programmer to set up a redirect for all my urls at once. If this is possible.


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        I would imaging it is something as simple as appending the access table in the main database. I would agree on this one - I would open a ticket. I'm sure it's not too hard for them to do it.