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Cleaning up my sitemap

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  • Cleaning up my sitemap

    1) I have a few pages showing up in my sitemap XML and can't figure out where they are coming from. They don't really exist (they auto-redirect to my homepage) so I'd like to remove them from my sitemap but don't want to manually create a sitemap every month or so....I really like the auto-sitemap functionality 3Dcart offers. Here are the pages:


    Any ideas on how to clean this up? I didn't create these pages, they don't show up in my 'Site Content' admin section even though they appear to be extrapages.

    2) I have some extrapages that are showing up twice in the sitemap. For example, I have my 'master' 'Contact Us' page in the Menu Links section of 'Site Content' so that it shows up in my menu links section. I use a search-friendly URL here of 'contact-us.html'.

    I created another 'contact us' extrapage as a sub-page of my 'Customer Service' extrapage which simply links back to the 'master' page mentioned above. This page is showing in the sitemap as 'contact-us_ep_48-1.html'

    Any ideas on how to clean this up? We are about to create a ton of new content extrapages so I'd love to have a handle on how best to handle sitemap / indexing / search-friendly URLs.

    Thanks in advance!

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