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  • Google Product Feed Issues

    I am having some issues with my Google PF.

    I have over 80 products, but only 6 are showing up as indexed in the merchant center.

    I looked into the feed, and about 95% of my products have an error listed with the product expiration date- saying the date is "to far in the future".

    I'm assuming this is why they are not being indexed.

    Anyone have this problem before, and how did you solve it?

    Many thanks.


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    Do you mean the Google/Froogle feed?
    If so, go to marketing>shopping engines>google base and check customize tab. Make sure you have a field name expiration-date with alias expiration_date

    Then, when you generate feed, check that the last column has the value 2009-12-27

    If not, something is wrong with your data feed in the cart


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      This is currently what I have on the default settings:

      11-28-2009 9-17-23 AM.jpg

      Please look over and let me know what I am doing wrong. It is very important that I get my products into Google with the upcoming shopping season.

      Also, I do not see the expiration tag like you mentioned above. The only one I see if for is e-products.

      Thank you so much for your help!


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        I see you are missing 5, 7 and 9

        Just add these to the sort order at 5, 7 and 9 respectively:


        manufacturer... brand
        expiration-date... expiration_date

        Make sure you have Tab Delimeter and a - for category seperator.

        That's all. You should be good to go ! :)


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          Just to add, the order does not matter.


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            Thanks Mark. Much appreciated.

            However- I cannot for the life of me find the expiration date tag in the drop-down of possible attributes. Everything else was there though.

            Could the expiration tag be labeled as something else, or am I just missing it completely?



            11-28-2009 9-50-51 AM.jpg


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              Sounds like you need to open a help ticket.

              Is anyone using the shipping method attribute? Or custom attributes?