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Yahoo page rankings have suddenly dropped... why?

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  • Yahoo page rankings have suddenly dropped... why?

    Hi Folks,

    I have had my site,, up and running since mid-May. July was an absolutely gangbusters month for us, but things have fallen flat since the first part of August. I did some investigating and found that we are no longer ranking on Yahoo at all.

    I launched our site back in May, and I was very surprised to find that we were ranking very high on Yahoo with almost no SEO tactics in place at all. Our product pages were being indexed and were placing very high in the results that were returned by Yahoo. Last night I did a Yahoo search on a particular product that had been the number one result back in May. That particular page was not returned at all, and I finally found the main page for our site on page 21 of the rankings. I checked and found that the home page is now the only page on our site that is indexed by Yahoo.

    Can anyone explain why Yahoo would suddenly drop our product pages from their indexes? I will admit that I was somewhat surprised that we were indexed so deeply in the beginning, and I still need to (and plan to) add the sitemap to make indexing easier for the spiders. However, I am somewhat befuddled by the fact that we were suddenly dropped with no warning. Admittedly, since we are selling products that are in a highly competitve market, a lot of the product text was pulled from the manufacturers sites and is therefore the same as many of our competitiors, but why wouldn't they also be dropped if it is an issue with duplicate content?

    I plan to add the sitemap and resubmit our site to Yahoo. I might also look into the Yahoo index, but they charge $300/year for that and then do not even guarantee that you will be indexed.

    Can anyone offer any ideas or advice?

    Thanks a bunch!


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    I can sympathize. I'm finding almost the same thing is happening to me.

    I moved my site from Monster Commerce to 3DC back in May/06. Now Yahoo is refusing to "let go" of the old product address and the only page that is getting indexed is the homepage. I have 'authenticated' my site and uploaded a site map but still no change. I have also been in the directory for almost a year now. For the life of me, I can't figure out what the problem is (not robots.txt, not coding issues).

    Maybe Yahoo is just reeeeallly slow in dumping the old pages in favor of the new ones? Any other 3D users experiencing this with yahoo though?


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      On my number 1 product, I am on the first page. However, the addresses are pointing to my old MC addresses. Forunately, those old pages are still "mapped" to my new 3DC equivalent pages. (The mapping was done at when I converted to 3DC.)

      I have several other products that no longer reference the MC pages. They all reference my 3DC pages.

      I cannot figure out Y*h**?


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        I think you need to do SEO campaign more often, to have highrankings on all SERPS