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Disable 3dcart's sitemap?

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  • Disable 3dcart's sitemap?

    I'm just wondering if its possible to disable 3dcart's generation of the sitemap.xml and use a custom generated one instead.

    I'm not sure this would be the way to go but I've seen recommendations for using a very simple sitemap.xml without the <changfreq>, <priority>, and <lastmod> tags. They said it would be more friendly to crawlers.

    Any thoughts on this from you SEO pro's out there? Or from 3dcart staff?

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    The sitemap.xml is automatically created, but, you can make your own, call it "sitemap2.xml" (anything really, it doesnt matter), because Google and other search engines do not look for sitemap.xml, you have to tell them what the sitemap file is called, so you can call it whatever you want and use that if you like instead of using the built in one.
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