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Anyone have expierence w/ company IE Plexus?

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  • Anyone have expierence w/ company IE Plexus?

    I did a 3 hour learning session with IE Plexus about Marketing/SEO and they offer packages for them to optimize your site, social commerce, blog, keywords, etc... It's an investment and I was curious if anyone has had any expierence with them yet? Thanks!

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    Well, I would advise against. From what I have heard, IE Plexus is the more recent name for a company formerly known as Internet Advancement. IA got in some legal trouble for being less than reputable, and supposedly resurfaced as IE Plexus. That said, I have no personal experience with them at all-what I know is just from reading other blogs and such. If I were you I would do a lot more research before doing anything.
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions


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      We had a bad experience with Internet Advancement. Took a long time to recover in Google. That is all that I will say about it.
      Steve Teske
      Director of eCommerce
      Hogan Walker LLC


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        We also had a terrible experience with Internet Advancement.
        Don't waste your money. I wish someone had warned us.