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  • Lots of 404 Errors

    Recently moved my site to 3D Cart. Checking Google Webmaster tools, I am seeing several (over 50) crawl errors (urls listed as "not found, 404 pages).

    These pages have all been redirected and when I click the links they do redirect to the new pages. Why would Google show them as 404 pages and will this hurt my SEO rankings? How do I fix this since the redirects work for me?

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    With Volusion their URL is partially dyamic. not matter made for SEO/yourproductcode.html

    I am guessing may be in the does not matter area a different url is being put in than the 301 redirect is set up for.

    This could be caused by:

    1. Link going to the old page with an incorrect link that Google Picks up.

    Fix is getting the link changed or add another 301 redirect

    Submitting a site map to Google may also help on getting rid of old pages that Google is indexing.