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Finally figured out Google Merchant

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    Page 4 from this thread specifically addresses the Google categories:


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      Originally posted by vkmcewen View Post
      *First I want to make sure that you're on a PC, not a Mac. I really only know the PC side of this. If you're a Mac user, please ignore the small novel that follows....

      I was able to get to your info. From there, these are the steps I follow:
      -Save page as: Text File
      -open Excel
      -open your file (I usually have to change the parameters so that I'm searching for 'all files' and not just excel files to find it).
      *I think you're OK up to this point. I want to make sure that we're on the same page for everything after this*

      -on the 'Import file' popup, I choose 'Delimited', then 'Next'
      -choose 'Tab' under the delimiter choices, then 'Next'
      -choose 'General' under column data formula, then 'Finish'

      Now your info should be in a spreadsheet. I usually tweak a couple things. First, I've recently encountered errors with my expiration date. It's somehow just a day or two longer than what's allowed by Google. So I just alter it by a few days.

      By default, my GTIN comes up in scientific notation (weird), so I format the whole column as a number with no decimals.

      Now you're ready to save it again. However, you have to be sure that it's saved as a txt file again.

      -Choose 'Save as'
      -Choose either 'Other format' and save as type Text-tab delimited
      -----or 'Save as' and choose 'text-tab delimited'
      -----these both get you to the same point. :)

      I then get some errors when excel is also trying to save my file as a regular spreadsheet, and I just cancel out & ignore those.

      From your file sheet, the only issue I actually see is possibly within your description. If you've typed those in a way that there's actually a tab embedded in them, that *might* be causing your problem. Try the above walk-through & let me know what errors you get.
      I went through and tried to do this. I couldn't change the date at all. When I clicked on the date it made a white box kind of over the date. I tried to save it anyways as a tab delimited file (bypassing any warnings that came up while trying to save it this way), and then tried to upload it and I still get the "Too many column delimiters" plus a bunch of other errors. I don't understand why this is so complicated. I tried CoreCommerce before coming to 3dcart and this was all automated.

      I am so confused as to how to make this work?


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        Okay, never mind I figured it out.