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  • Recent google indexing drop

    It seems like google changed their algorithm on the 6th and we now have 1/3 of the keyword impressions we were getting along with a significant ratings drop. Our traffic has decreased as well. I noticed other webmasters seeing the same thing. Has anyone else noticed this with their store and what have you been doing to overcome it? Do we know what they are looking for now?

    On a side note, has anyone noticed that bing is incredibly slow to index your site. Bing has only indexed about 20 of my pages during the last 30 days.

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    We have definitely seen a traffic decrease since the 6th, but I was attributing that to the upcoming tax deadline. Now I'm wondering if it might be a Google issue instead... :confused:


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      A lot of other sites have been seeing it when google released the panda. We are way down. I have been wondering if 3dcart duplicates a lot of content.
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        I had bookmarked those some time ago when I got an email from google about those changes and new product search changes that are coming?


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          Google likes good content (freshness, description, reviews, etc.), conversion rate, and showing your popular through links.

          The headache with an e-commerce site with thousands of products is distinguising yourself from all the other sites out there with the same product.