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Since Moving To 3DCart, Have You ....

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  • Since Moving To 3DCart, Have You ....

    Since Moving To 3DCart, have you noticed/experienced:
    1. More or Less traffic?
    2. More or less sales?
    3. Better or worse rankings in the search engines?

    I ask because I am curious! I have looked through the forum and really didn't find many "glowing praises" as to how switching to 3DCart has boosted a company's website. Of course I didn't find too many bad experiences either. So I (our company) was just wondering.

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    Google has "tweaked" their algos since we moved to 3dCart which has dramatically affected our traffic and sales, so there's no way to compare apples to apples and be fair in the comparison with our previous cart. :(


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      Thanks for the honest input Piaf. I understand what you are saying.

      Google has "tweaked" their algos since we moved to 3dCart which has dramatically affected our traffic and sales
      Yup, same here (with our old cart). The "Panda" update hurt our site stats significantly. Not that we were doing anything wrong, but we probably just got stale and complacant AND our old cart was getting outdated. That is why we are moving to a new platform - fresh start, clean out the closets, clean out the junk and bring in some new modern stuff !!! I'm just hoping that we made the right decision with 3D. It's been about 10 years :eek: that we have been with our old cart!


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        We saw a definite boost in traffic after our switch. Page rank isn't much of an issue for us, as we are sort of a niche market, so we didn't look too closely at that. Overall, though, sales and traffic have increased since we made the switch last summer. 3dCart has been superior to our old cart in almost every way, and we have never regretted our decision to move.
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          Seems traffic has held the same to a little better right now. The site is being found by more sites since fully moving it here. I'll see how it looks over the next couple of weeks now that all the redirects are done.

          Sales have dropped some but considering all the product links pointed to propriety naming of the links from PS I'm not overly concerned.
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